Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Details ://

So I finally got around to getting some snaps of this lovely outfit that I posted on my Instagram a couple of months ago.
Once again I am wearing my faux fur ( human sheep ) coat from Newlook, purely because its just so warm and goes with everything I wear.

I felt like changing up my normal monochrome outfit and adding something a little bit more girly.
So I chose this cute little gingham dress from H&M (click here for similar) with this light super girly pastil pink jumper from H&M ( click here for similar).

And guess what tights I am wearing ?
Thats right, its the super cosy tights by Primark.

I have been after a pair of chelsea boots for ages and when I saw these I thought they would be a good cheep option to start with before I invest in a expensive pair, just incase I don't wear them as much as I thought I would. ( click for similar )

The little details in this outfit are dainty and very feminine.
I am wearing a cute little owl necklace that I got as a birthday present a couple of years ago, so unfortunately I am not sure as to where it is from.
My gorgeous large faced watch is from Oliva Burton and the leather plat bracelet with silver beads is from Pandora.

Photo credit : Luke Nesbitt - http://www.iwnesbitt.com




  1. loved this outfit, when we go out I'm going to try those cosy tights they look so warm amazing pics hun xx

    1. Thank you :) honestly they are warmer than my jeans! :D i love them!! xx

  2. the quality of those photos is just... Incredible ! I wish my boyfriend could take as great pictures as yours haha :)
    This outfit is super cute. Cannot wait to see more on your blog darling:))x

    1. Thank you :) I am so lucky to have Luke to do my photos for me :)
      He is at uni studying it so he isn't too bad ;)
      Thank you! I have a new one up tomorrow :D xx

  3. Lukey did well with these photos. altho it helps when the model looks like you, loved the post babe x

    1. Awwah thank you sweet :D I have a new post going up tomorrow! My sister took the photos for me and i am so excited to post it :D xx