Monday, 26 January 2015

Feeling Blue ://

So it's now starting to get really chilly across the UK and we are starting to get some serious snow!
But unfortunately where I live we have no snow and it's just really cold.
I know that the outfit doesn't look amazingly warm, but believe me it is.

As some of you guys know I normally only wear monochrome colours so I am trying to change it up and I have to say blue is a colour that I am just loving at the moment.
This gorgeous bright blue jumper is from Newlook and is made of a lovely slightly fluffy fabric and is a beautiful boxy fit.
Underneath my jumper I am wearing a simple black and white striped turtleneck.

Newlook has some amazing reasonable priced items that you can use to layer with for winter, they are defiantly worth checking out if that's what you are after.

Jeans, I just live in them! 
So I went on the hunt for a pair that were something a little different and I came across these gorgeous faux leather ones and at a bargain price too!

And for shoes, I finally found a new pair that I just fell in love with straight away and these gorgeous ones are from Topshop.

If you have any snow where you live, I hope you are enjoying it and I am insanely jealous! Every one loves a good snow day.


  1. that blue color suits you really well ! Love it ! Have a good day sweet :*)

  2. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous and I love your outfit. Just found out about you through Victoria's tweets! Immediately followed you on twitter and bloglovin', looking forward to seeing more! Much love, Sjoukje

  3. Such a gorgeous colour on you' it really suits your skin tone. Oh and those shoes are lovely. The blue nail polish is a nice touch too x