Saturday, 22 February 2014

Fashion Inspiration #1

Hello my lovely's
Basically i have decided that i want to do a blog post for you all on my fashion inspiration.
So here are a load of photos that give you an idea of where i get my inspiration from.
I have loved the Olsen Twins for... I don't even know how long.
I love how simple they can dress but still look edgy and elegant.
Most of my inspiration comes from, The Olsen Twins, Tumblr, Lookbook, Youtube and people that i see on a average day just walking down the street.

I have a tumblr page
I do post on this regularly everyday whenever i find something interesting to reblog.
You can go and follow me on there if you like to see my fashion inspiration.

So here is a collection of photos, if you like these kind of blog posts let me know below and ill do some more for you all in the future.

There is something about wearing all black everything that i just love.
I love how you can play with different textures and prints of the same colour but your outfit won't look plain or boring.

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  1. I love these inspiration sort of posts, so very inspiring. You've picked out some lovely photos.

    Lindsey. x