Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Current Favourite Foundation Combination : Review

If you watch my youtube then I am sure you will see these two foundations featured at the end of the month in my favourites video. 
I love trying out new makeup and have heard a few good things about both of these foundations, so I thought hey lets give it a try!

The Loreal Infallible 24H foundation is a thick and almost gel like consistency. This means when I am wearing it gives me an amazing coverage and it really does last all day.
The Loreal True Match foundation is a much lighter and more of a liquid consistency.

So why do I use these together?
One of the reasons is that I simply bought the Infallible one in a shade too dark for me so I mix the two.
The other reason I mix the two is that it gives me full coverage without feeling too heavy on the skin, and it seems to keep my skin perfectly hydrated throughout the day.

The photos below really don't do it justice and I also have all my other makeup on aswell.

Before I get a million questions on what highlighter I use, I thought I would just quickly mention that everyday I wear my Charlotte Tilbury Contour kit and the highlighter is beautiful as well as the contour shade.

Have you got a favourite foundation I should try?

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  1. These are my two favourite drugstore foundations..I've never thought of mixing them though :) Will be sure to give that a try,

    Lovely post,

    X Emma |