Thursday, 14 May 2015

Smashbox Event

Hello lovelys!
A couple of weeks ago I was very kindly invited to the Southampton Boots for a Smashbox beauty event!

The two Smashbox girls Katie and Jo offered cup cakes, drinks, makeovers and talked to us about all the new products that are coming out, and some of the most popular items too.

There were only a handful of us which was nice because it meant that we could all join in, chat and have fun without being excluded from each others conversations.
( Me, Jess, Alice, Brogan, Mandy, Ami)

The main thing we tried and spoke about at the event was the amazing new creamy contour sticks.
They come in a pack of three (contour, bronze, highlight) and cost £35.
I was a little bit put off by the price to start with but after swatching them and seeing how beautifully they feel and blend into the skin, I just had to treat myself to them!
I have a review and tutorial coming up on my youtube of these gorgeous new contour sticks so keep your eyes peeled!

We also tried out the new eyeliners and lipsticks and many other products!

As seen in the bottom photos of me and Alice I am wearing a gold eyeshadow that I put on in the morning, but one of the ladies put on the new lilac gel eyeliner over the top and I have completely fallen in love with it and I can't wait for it to come out in my local store!

I can't wait to go to more of these events and next time I do I will be sure to bring a camera rather than taking the photos on my iPhone.

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(There is no harm in being nosy)

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